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Hicks Family Chronicles and Connections



By Thom Montgomery, Ph. D.




The earliest lines of the Hicks Family are somewhat in question. The lineage we follow is the most likely at this time, based on an account given in his Civil War questionnaire and declaration by Charles W. Hicks of Tennessee.

The alternative lineages are:
 [1] There is an alternative lineage which is sometimes given, descending from Robert of Southwark, Surrey, England, the Plymouth colonist we follow later. It runs as follows:
John and Herodias Long Hicks,
to John and Rebecca Rives Hicks;
to Robert and Mary Courtney Hicks;
to Nathan and Na’Ye’He’ [Nancy Wolf] Hicks [a  Cherokee of the Wolf clan]
to Meshack Hicks.
This family was almost entirely in Virginia and Georgia.

A second alternative is from an entirely different branch of Hicks families:

A second alternative runs thusly:
George Hicke of Yorkshire,
to Thomas Hicke and Elizabeth Turton, at Rothwell, near the River Dolphin,
to John Hicke and Sarah Preston,
to Nathaniel Hix and Rebecca Johnson,
to Amos Hicks and Elizabeth Scott
to Meshack Hicks. This family was almost all in Virginia.

While researchers vary on their documentation, the fact is that there were several Meshack Hickses in the Virginia area at the time we are studying. The confusion is rampant.
We chose the line we chose because a Hicks boy, Charles W. Hicks, a known relative, after the Civil War outlined what his father had told him.

Charles W. Hicks was told that his family were from England and had come to Tennessee by way of Maryland and Virginia.
The lineage we have outlined below is the only one that fits that marker.

We shall see what future research uncovers.


• Sir Ellis Hicks. Was knighted by Edward, the Black Prince, on the field of Poitiers, on 9 September 1356, for bravery in capturing a set of colors from the French: he had a son:-
• John Hicks. [Seems to be missing a generation here] Died in 1492, of Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England, and had a son:-
• Thomas Hicks. Died 1565. He married Margaret Atwood and had a son:-
• Baptist Hicks. Born 1526. He married Mary Everard, daughter of James Everard, and had a son:-


Born about 1550 in Southwark, Surrey, England.

Married Phebe Alyne about 1582

Children: Robert Hicks


The following data is taken from The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England,1620-33

ORIGIN: London

MIGRATION: 1621 on Fortune

FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth [Massachusetts]

OCCUPATION: Fellmonger (in England).

FREEMAN: In the "1633" list of Plymouth freemen, among those admitted before 1 January 1632/3 [  PCR 1:3]. In list of 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:52]. In the Plymouth section of the 1639 Plymouth Colony list of freemen, with the annotation "dead" [PCR 8:173].

EDUCATION: His inventory included "3 books" valued at 8s. His widow, Margaret, signed her will.

ESTATE: In the 1623 Plymouth division of land, "Robart Hickes" was granted one acre as a passenger on the Fortune, and his wife and children were granted four acres as passengers on the Anne [PCR 12:5, 6]. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle Robert Hicks, Margaret Hicks, Samuel Hicks, Ephraim Hicks, Lydia Hicks and Phebe Hicks were the sixth through eleventh persons in the twelfth company [PCR 12:13].

   Assessed 18s. in the Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 and 12s. in the list of 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:9, 27]. "Robert Hickes" was thirty-seventh on the list of Purchasers [PCR 2:177].

   On 10 February 1629 Robert Hicks purchased two acres on the north side of town from Steven Dean [PCR 12:7]. On 29 August 1638 Clement Briggs acknowledged his sale of "one acre of land in the upper fall near the second brook" to "Mr. Rob[er]te Heeks" [PCR 12:34]. On 9 December 1639 "Mr. Rob[er]te Hicks" rented five acres at Reed Pond to John Smyth for three years, Smyth to fence the east side of the land [PCR 12:51]. On 13 July 1639 George Sowle acknowledged his sale of two acres of land to Robert Hicks of Plymouth [PCR 12:45]. On 20 July 1639 John Barnes of Plymouth, yeoman, acknowledged his sale of four acres of meadow at High Pynes to Mr. Robert Hicks [PCR 12;45]. On 11 February 1639[/40] Mr. Robert Hicks of Plymouth, planter, sold to Samuell Hicks his eldest son all his house, outhouses and garden in Plymouth, together with four acres of land and eight acres of land and all the meadow at the Heigh Pynes and Iland Creek, and all his right title and interest in the land, and three cows [PCR 12:54]. On 7 April 1642 Mr. Robert Hicks sold two acres of marsh at Heigh Pines to Mr. William Bradford [PCR 12:79]. On 7 May 1642 Mr. Robert Hicks sold seven acres of upland at Iland Creek to William Brett of Duxbury [PCR 12:80]. On the same day he acknowledged his deed to John Reynor of three acres of marsh meadow at Heigh Pynes [PCR 12:80]. On 9 October 1645 Mr. Robert Hicks sold to Georg Partrich a parcel of marsh meadow consisting of two acres [PCR 12:115].

 In his will, dated 28 May 1645 and proved 15 May 1648, "Robert Hicks of Plymouth ... being full of infirmities of body" bequeathed to "my son Ephraim all that my dwelling house barn and buildings with the gardens ... in Plymouth," also "all those three fields one lying on the north side of the said town of Plymouth ..., the second which I lately purchased of Mr. John Aldin and the third called the south field"; "but my mind and will is that my executrix hereafter named shall have and enjoy three rooms in the said house during her life she keeping herself unmarried, viz. the hall and chamber over and cellar underneath, and also that my said son Ephraim shall pay her the thirds of the said lands during her life and widowhood"; to "my said son Ephraim all my lands lying at Iland Creek on Duxbery side except two lots of upland of twenty acres apiece lying next unto Mr. Kemp's lands, which I hereby give and bequeath unto John Banges my grandchild"; to "my executrix ... the rents of the said land not set and let forth for six years yet to come if she shall so long live, but all the rest of my lands ... I give unto my said son Ephraim"; "I give unto John Reyner the son of Mr. John Reyner our teacher fifty acres of the purchased lands accruing ... to me as a purchaser of my share of lands lying at Seawams or Secunck if the said Mr. John Reyner his father do remain at Plymouth"; to "Samuell my eldest son" fifty acres; to "my said son Ephraim" fifty acres; to "John Watson" fifty acres; to "John Bangs" fifty acres; to "the younger of Mr. Charls Chancy's sons which his wife had at one birth when he dwelt at Plymouth" fifty acres; to "my said son Ephraim" household goods; to the Town of Plymouth one cow calf; to "William Pontus" 20s.; to "John Faunce" 20s.; to "Nathaneell Morton" 20s.; to "Thomas Cushman" 20s.; "Margaret my loving wife" sole executrix and residue; Mr. John Howland, Mannasses Kempton and Thomas Cushman overseers; to John Howland and Mannasses Kemton 10s. each for a remembrance; to Joshua Prat "a suit of my wearing clothes with a pair of shoes and stockings"; to Samuell Eddy a pair of wearing stockings; to "my said son Ephraim ... my four oxen, paying my loving wife ... the thirds of the profits of the lands as is before mentioned ... and to draw her twenty loads of wood yearly to her house in Plymouth during her life" [  MD 8:144-46, citing  PCPR 1:1:703].

   The inventory of the estate of "Mr. Robert Hicks deceased the 24th of May 1647 taken the fifth of July in the year aforesaid also exhibited upon oath the 4th of May 1648" totalled £39 13s., with no real estate included [MD 8:143-44, citing PCPR 1:1:69].

   On 23 January 1648 John Rogers of Duxbury bought the rent of lands improved by Mr. Robert Hicks now deceased from Ephraim Hicks of Plymouth [PCR 12:155-56].

   On 1 May 1660 "Gorge Watson," on behalf of his son John Watson and nephew John Banges, requested that, because "Samuel Hickes" was mistakenly entered in the court records as purchaser of lands at Cushenah and Accoaksett, etc., and it should have been "Mr. Robert" Hickes, it be corrected; the matter was referred to a later court [PCR 3:186]. On 3 October 1662 "Samuell Hickes" was offered an equal division with others in the lands of Mr. Robert Hickes at Accushena, Coaksett, etc., but he declined [PCR 4:27]. Margaret and Samuel could not agree on the division of goods in Robert's estate and the matter was taken to court 7 June 1661 [PCR 3:217].

   On 7 October 1662 "Margarett Hickes of Plymouth, widow, as sole executrix to my husband Mr. Robert Hickes," confirmed his bequest of fifty acres to "Elnathan Chauncye the younger of the twins of Mr. Charles Chauncye" [MD 17:240-41, citing  PCLR 2:2:107].

   On 22 March 1663[/4] "Mistris Hickes" and "Sam[uel] Hickes" were granted Lot 7 in the Plymouth lands at "Puncateesett Necke" [  PTR 1:64].

   In her will, dated 8 July 1665 and proved 6 March 1665/6, "Margarett Hickes widow of the town of Plymouth" bequeathed to "my son Samuell Hickes" £5; to "my daughter-in-law Lydia Hickes" 30s.; to "my son Samuell's children" 10s. each "there being seven of them"; said legacies to be paid by "son Samuell Hickes" from his debt "he having already received a large portion of that which God hath given me not only in lands but also in goods and chattels which was not only my husband's and son Ephraim's estate formerly but also given to me by will at my son Ephraim's death"; to "my grandchild John Banges" 40s.; residue to "the children of my son-in-law Gorg Watson and my loving daughter that is deceased Phebe Watson," also said estate to be "at the dispose of my son-in-law Gorg Watson"; "my son-in-law Gorg Watson and my friend Captain Southworth" overseers [PCPR 2:2:32, abstracted in MD 16:157-58].

   The inventory of Margaret Hickes, taken 5 March 1665[/6], totalled £53 12s. 6d. and included no real estate [PCPR 2:2:33, abstracted in MD 16:158]. On 6 March 1665/6 "Gorge Watson" was granted administration on the estate of "Mistris Margarett Hickes, deceased" [PCR 4:117].

BIRTH: By about 1578 based on estimated date of marriage.

DEATH: Plymouth 24 May 1647 (from inventory). (Savage and Pope both give this date as 24 March, apparently based on the abstract of the inventory published in 1850. On the original the month of death is in the upper right corner of the page, and is worn, so that only "Ma" can now be read on microfilm. Bowman saw this as May, and his reading is followed here.)

MARRIAGE: By 1603 Margaret _____; she died at Plymouth between 8 July 1665 (date of will) and 6 March 1665/6 (probate of will) .

CHILDREN (first eight baptized at St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey)

    i   THOMAS, bp. 19 February 1603/4; bur. 23 April 1604.

    ii   JOHN, bp. 12 October 1605; no further record.

    iii   SARA, bp. 25 October 1607; bur. 24 February 1617/8.

    iv   RICHARD, bp. 17 September 1609; no further record. [Richard’s baptism is recorded in the Wandsworth Parish Register, Surrey, England, on 21 September 1609.]

    v   SAMUEL, bp. 18 August 1611; m. Plymouth 11 September 1645 Lydia Doane [PCR 2:88], daughter of JOHN DOANE.

    vi   LYDIA, bp. 6 September 1612; m. by about 1633 EDWARD BANGS.

    vii   PHOEBE, bp. 15 March 1614/5; m. by about 1636 George Watson (their daughter Phebe m. Jonathan Shaw on 22 January 1656 [  PVR 662]).

    viii   MARY, bp. 11 May 1617; bur. 14 September 1619.

    ix   EPHRAIM, b. Plymouth about 1625; m. Plymouth 13 September 1649 Elizabeth Howland [PCR 8:8], daughter of JOHN HOWLAND; Ephraim Hicks d. 12 December 1649 "a violent death" [PCR 3:202] and his widow m. (2) Plymouth 10 July 1651 John Dickenson [PCR 8:13].


COMMENTS: The major breakthrough on this family was made when Robert S. Wakefield discovered additional baptismal entries in the St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, register [TAG 51:57-58].

   Several sources give Robert Hicks two wives: Elizabeth Morgan and Margaret Winslow. No record has been found of any marriage for Robert Hicks, and his only known wife was Margaret; the argument that Margaret was a Winslow has little basis [TAG 54:31-34].

   Clement Briggs of Weymouth, fellmonger, deposed 29 August 1638 that
about two and twenty years since this deponent then dwelling with one Mr. Samuell Lathame in Barmundsey Streete in Southwarke a fellmonger and one Thomas Harlow then also dwelling with Mr. Rob[er]te Heeks in the same street a fellmonger the said Harlow and this deponent had often conference together how many pelts each of their master pulled a week. And this deponent deposeth and saith that the said Rob[er]te Heeks did pull three hundred pelts a week and diverse times six or seven hundred & more a week in the killing seasons, which was the most part of the year (except the time of Lent) for the space of three or four years. And that the said Rob[er]te Heeks sold his sheep's pelts at that time for 40s. a hundred to Mr. Arnold Allard, whereas this deponent's Mr. Samuell Lathame sold his pelts for 50s. per hundred to the same man at the same time and Mr. Heeks pelts were much better ware [PCR 12:35].

   On 13 July 1639 Robert Hicks of Plymouth, "citizen & leatherseller of London," by a bill dated 6 July 1618 was indebted to Thomas Heath, citizen & cooper of London for £180, which amount was demanded by letter of attorney made by Hannah Cugley but Hicks showed an acquittance of all debts to Heath, having paid it long ago [PCR 12:43].

   On 6 March 1649[/50] administration of the estate of Ephraim Hickes was granted to Margaret Hicks and Thomas Willet [PCR 2:148]. The nuncupative will made by Ephraim to Mr. Thomas Southworth was set aside, Ephraim being "not in a capacity in regard of his said manner of death to make a legal will" [PCR 3:202]. The court ordered that Ephraim's estate be set aside for the benefit of his mother, "Mistris Margaret Hickes," but the order was not recorded and Margaret had to go back to court many years later to insist it be recorded, 3 December 1660 [PCR 3:203].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1938 Louis Effingham deForest compiled a comprehensive summary of all that was known about Robert Hicks at that date [  Moore Anc 295-308]. (This summary includes children Elizabeth and Daniel, for whom there is no evidence.)




Born 12 October 1605, St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey, England [some say 25 October 1607]

Married: Herodias Long 14 March 1637, St. Paul’s, London, England.

Died  14 June 1672, Jamaica, Queens, New York

Children: Thomas Hicks,  [by Herodias Long]

There are those who say that John divorced Herodias Long, and then married three additional times:

2nd wife: Florence Carmen or Fordham – 7 April 1661
3rd wife: Elizabeth Morton -  November 1661
4th wife: Rachel Taylor Starr – 22 January 1662.

This represents either incredibly bad luck, or indicates a second or third John Hicks.


Born ca. 1659, Great Neck, Long Island, New York

Married Mary Doughty.  She was born in 1658 at Flushing, Queens, N. Y. and died in
1713 at Nassau, Queens, N. Y.

Died 26 January, 1749, Hempstead,  New York

Children: William Hicks b.1678;  Isaac Hicks, b. 1695.


Born about 1678 at Flushing, Queens, N. Y.

Married Clarinda Jane Ferguson of Baltimore, Md. about 1695. She was born
about 1674 and died about 1715.

Died 11 November 1710 at Baltimore, Md.

The couple had a son, Nehemiah Hicks.


Born about 1705 at Johnsville [?] Maryland

Married Philliazana Hitchcock of Baltimore 12 June 1725 [She was born about
1708 and died in 1769]

Died 1769 at Baltimore, Md.


1. Isaac Hicks, born about 1729. No more known.

2. Samuel Hicks, born about 1732. Moved to Washington/Sullivan Counties TN.
Married Elizabeth Wood [?] 1751

3. Solomon Hicks born about 1734. Moved to Washington/Sullivan Counties TN

4. Nehemiah [2], Born  30 September 1735, Baltimore, Md., Married [2]  Elizabeth Robinson, 17 October 1774.

5. Shadrach Hicks, b. c. 1738. Moved to Washington/Sullivan Counties TN.
Shadrach was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, and moved to Tennessee
in the late 1700s, where he died at Sevier County. He married Elizabeth Hicks
and they had a son, John B. Hicks. John B. Hicks married Elizabeth Douthit, and
they had a son Meshack, born about 1800.

6. Meshack Hicks b. c. 1740, Moved to Washington/Sullivan Counties TN, by 12
August 1782 when  he filed for land and then to Warren County, TN by 1812
where he appears on the Warren County Tax List. Meshack Hicks, born in
Rockingham County, Virginia, moved to Russell County, Virginia, and from
thence to Washington and Sullivan counties, Tennessee.

7. Abednego Hicks, b. c. 1742.  Moved to Washington/Sullivan Counties TN by
13 August 1782. Abednego Hicks also moved to Tennessee, but his marriage, if
any, and progeny, if any, are unknown.


Born about 1740

Meshack Hicks, born in Rockingham County, Virginia.
Moved to Russell County, Virginia, and from thence to Washington and Sullivan
counties, Tennessee by 12 August 1782 when  he filed for land and then to
Warren County, TN by 1812 where he appears on the Warren County Tax List.

May be the Meshack Hicks who married Elizabeth Harris.

Had children John and William.

There are those who say that this is the Meshack Hicks who moved to Dade
County, Georgia, where he died after 1840. This would make him 100 or more
years old at the time of his death, a not likely scenario.


William Hicks, born circa 1793, VA, occupation farmer, married circa 1809, in Tennessee, Sarah "Sally" Magness, born Sep 1794, NC, (daughter of George Magness and Mary "Polly" Durham) died circa 1890, DeKalb Co., TN.  William died after 1850, Warren Co., TN. The couple  had eight or more children.

The couple were divorced in 1854. DeKalb County, TN chancery court records tell us the following:

“Sarah Hicks vs. William Hicks: Complainant and defendant have been married more than 40 years. The defendant, some three years since, maliciously and without any reasonable cause, abandoned complainant and has refused to live with or provide for her. The bonds of matrimony are dissolved. 27 October 1854."

In her old age, Sally lived with a daughter, Becky Scott, in DeKalb County near her brother's home.

I. Rebecca "Becky" Hicks born 3 May 1810, DeKalb Co. TN, occupation housewife, married in (DeKalb Co.,TN), James Scott, born TN.  Rebecca died 20 May 1851, DeKalb Co.,TN, buried: Rebecca Scott Cemetery, DeKalb Co.,TN.

II. Abram C. Hicks born 1815, Warren Co.,TN, married (circa 1844), in (Warren Co.)TN, Elizabeth born 1824, (Warren Co.)TN.

 A. Isaac C. Hicks born 1845, Warren Co.,TN.

 B. Mary Hicks, born 1847, Warren Co.,TN.

 C. George Washington Hicks born 1849, Warren Co., TN, occupation lawyer & judge, married Mary Cayce, born Franklin, TN.

  1. George W. Hicks, Jr. born (Franklin, TN), died before 1956.

  2. Ola Hicks born (Franklin, TN), died CA.

  3. Willie Hicks born (Franklin, TN), died before 1956.

  4. Dana Hicks born (Franklin, TN), died before 1956.

III. Perry Green Hicks born 1818, (DeKalb Co. TN), about whom, more later. 

IV. Rebecca Hicks born 1820
V. Achilles D. Hicks born 1824.

VI. George W. Hicks born 1826.

VII. Female, Name Unknown born 1828.

VIII.James D. Hicks born 1832.

IX. Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Hicks born 20-MAR-1834, TN-KY-NC, occupation nurseryman, married (1) 24-MAR-1856, in Warren Co., ,by S. Green, JP, Sarah Webb, born 24-MAR-1837, TN, (daughter of Byars Webb and Rebecca Williams) died 01-SEP-1868, DeKalb Co., TN, buried: Concord Cemetery, Warren Co., TN, married (2) 03-JAN-1869, in DeKalb Co.,TN, by P. G. Magness, MG, Emsy/Enza Webb, born 05-MAR-1825, (DeKalb Co.), (daughter of Byars Webb and Rebecca Williams) died 16-JUN-1901, DeKalb Co., TN, buried: Fuston Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN.  Benjamin died 20-JAN-1902, DeKalb Co., TN, buried: Fuston Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN.  Lived and reared in his family in DeKalb Co., TN.

 A. Emma B. Hicks (daughter of

Benjamin F(ranklin) "Ben" Hicks and Sarah Webb) born 1857, (DeKalb Co.)

 B. Franklin Hicks (son of Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Hicks #19479 and Sarah Webb) born 1863, (DeKalb Co.)

 C. George P. Hicks (son of Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Hicks and Sarah Webb) born 1865, (DeKalb Co., TN), died DeKalb Co., TN., killed by a horse.

 D. Sterling Price Hicks (son of Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Hicks and Sarah Webb) born 00-JUN-1868, DeKalb Co., TN, died 03-JAN-1942, DeKalb Co., TN, buried: Fuston Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN.

X. John C. Hicks #19478 born 1836, Warren Co., TN, Farmer married 14 Jun 1856, in Warren Co., TN - not returned, Mary M. Linn born (circa 1836), TN.

 John does not appear in the 1860 Warren County Census. John does appear in the 1870 Warren County Census, page 208, as 'John W. & wife, Milly.'


Born about 1818 in DeKalb County, TN.

Married in DeKalb Co. TN, Annie Asher, who was born 10 Jun 1820, in Tennessee, and who died 21 Jan 1887, DeKalb Co., TN.  Perry died circa 1849, in Arizona, fighting in the Mexican War.

Perry Green Hicks was a private in Roberts’ Company of the 1st Tennessee Mounted Militia in the Seminole [Florida] War.
He also served as a private in Ferris’ & Cherry’s companies of Lauderdale’s Battalion of Tennessee Mounted Infantry in the Cherokee war.

A recently published military history states:
“In the wake of the Indian Removal Act of l83O, the United States Army engaged in a seven year struggle against the Seminole Indians in which it found itself unprepared to fight a guerrilla war.” Perry went anyway.

Perry also went on to fight the Cherokees. This war had its origins in the 18th Century and the discomfort and antagonism of their neighbors continued up until the fateful “Trail of Tears.”

Hicks men were involved on both sides of this conflict.
Several of the Cherokees of this time period were of Hicks descent. Such as the descendants of Nathan Hicks, son of Robert Hicks and Great-great grandson of our immigrant Robert Hicks, who had married Na’Ye’He’ Wolf, and who fought beside Chief Bowles in the first Cherokee War.
The Cherokee government especially its principal chief, John Ross, took steps to protect its national territory. Ross joined Charles Hicks and Major Ridge in the "Cherokee Triumvirate" and received recognition for his efforts in negotiating the Treaty of 1819. He then continued his work by making legal moves for the Cherokees as president of the constitutional convention.

Perry Green Hicks, having fought the Seminole and the Cherokees, was enlisted to fight as a private in the Mexican War Perry was appointed as postmaster for Hollandsworth on 27 April 1849, but he appears to have died in service. His widow, Anna, filed a claim for benefits on  7 August 1850. She got her pension, $3.50 monthly [paid semi-annually] from December 1852 through March 1855. We have not  been able to locate a record of the pension beyond that.

The couple had three children:

America Victoria Hicks was born 2 December 1839. She married Harvey Patterson of DeKalb County, TN
Bernard Napoleon Hicks was born 27 November 1840, son of Perry Green and Anna Hicks. He grew up near Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee.
George Dallas Hicks, born about 1843.


Born 27 November 1840, occupation farmer, married 1861,  Avy Hutchison, who was born April 1842, DeKalb Co., TN,  (daughter of Charles Hutchison and Hixa Solomon)

The Civil War also saw the Hicks family fully involved. A photo of Civil War veterans taken about 1910 shows Bernard Napoleon Hicks. Bernard had served in the 16th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Brothers Bernard Napoleon and George Dallas Hicks fought at Cheat Mountain in the Kanawha Valley, Virginia.

Bernard and Avey had at least nine children:

1. Sarah Jane Hicks b. 12 April 1862 – Married J. A. Summers 2 February 1879, died 24 July 1930.
2. M. T. Hicks b. 10 March 1865, d. 5 September 1865
3. Perry Green Hicks b. 4 October 1866 – Married Etta Elizabeth Bracket 23 December 1885, and about whom more later.
4. Lydia T. Hicks b. 10 April 1869 – Married J. H. Potter 15 December 1886.
5. Bernard Napoleon Hicks, Jr. b. 18 August 1872
6. Sophia  Hicks b. 15 April 1875 Married Sam Cantrell
7. Connia Hicks b. 21 April 1878 – Married _____ Wilson, died 9 April 1897.
8. Loula E. Hicks b. 27 September 1880
9. Cleveland Hicks b. 5 August 1884 – Married Hazel Rhodes 22 July 1921.

Obituary for Avey Hicks:


Mrs. B. N. Hicks died at the family home in Smithville on Saturday, July 1, after suffering several days from severe injuries received when she fell and broke one of her hips.
Funeral services and interment took place Sunday afternoon at Jacobs Pillar Church with services by Rev. O. A. Kerby.
Mrs. Hicks was born April 14, 1842, dying at the age of 80 years, two months, and 16 days. She was married to B. N. Hicks April 18, 1861, and to them were born nine children, seven of whom survive her: Mrs. J. A. Summers, Mrs. S. B. Cantrell, Mill, Lula Hicks, of Smithville, Tenn.; P. G. Hicks of Nashville, (Miss), J. H. Potter of Chattanooga; B. N. Hicks, Jr., of Milwaukee, Wis., C. P. Hicks of Wetumka, Okla. Published
July 6, 1922

Obituary for Bernard N. "Son" Hicks


Mr. B. N. Hicks, aged 90 years, died at his home in Smithville last Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, his death being caused by a stroke of paralysis following an attack of flu.
Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at Jacobs Pillar Methodist Church, of which he had long been an active member, conducted by his pastor, Rev. Guy Hawkins, and burial was in the Jacobs Pillar cemetery.
Mr. Hicks is survived by the following children: Mrs. J. H. Potter of Chattanooga, Prof. Cleveland P. Hicks of Springfield, Mo., B. N. Hicks, Jr., of Seattle, P. G. Hicks of Arizona, and Mrs. Sam Cantrell and Miss Lula Hicks of Smithville. He was for many years a successful farmer but, accumulating a competency, he left his farm some twenty years ago and came to make his home at Smithville. Published April 9, 1931.


Born 4 October 1866.

Married Etta Elizabeth Bracket, born November, 1861, daughter of Homer Estes Bracket, 23 December 1885, DeKalb County, TN.


1. Johnny Clarence Hicks, b. 9 October 1886.- Died 1960
2. Malina Clara Hicks, b. 30 July 1888.- Died 1971 – Married Sam Bing 23 July 1909
3. Bernard Leo Hicks b. 7 August 1892 – Died 1960
4. Bracket Enloe Hicks b. 29 October 1896 – Died 1986
5. Perry Vernon Hicks b. 6 February 1901 – Died 1984

Johnny Clarence Hicks moved to Detroit by the time of his death in 1960. He had married Mattie B. _____ and they had children Bessie [1913-1915]; John Estes, born about 1914; Ellis Craft born about 1918; Emma born about 1923; Bessie Crider born about 1898; and two other children.

Malina Clara married Samuel J. T. Bing, and had children Wilma, born about 1911; Madelyn, born about 1916; Jamie, born about 1918; Spencer, born about 1920; and Jackie, born about 1924.

Bernard Leo, who married Nellie _________ and had children Sarah, born about 1916, Bernard Leo 2nd , born about 1917, Dorothy, born about 1921, and Betty, born about 1924, moved to Winslow Arizona by 1930.

Of these children, Bracket was closest to Perry. Bracket married Daisy ______, and they had known children Jessie, a daughter, born about 1915; Joe A., his son,  born about 1918; and Mary K.,, another daughter, born about 1920. Bracket died in Albuquerque, New Mexico in August 1986, just before his 90th birthday.

In 1920 Perry Green Hicks 2nd and Elizabeth were living in Nashville, TN. Perry was listed as a house carpenter, his son, Perry Vernon, who was living with them, was working as a clerk in a shoe store.

In 1930, Perry Green Hicks 2nd was living with his brother and sister-in-law, Cleveland and Hazel Hicks, in Springfield, MO. He was working as a bookkeeper for an insurance company. [Cleveland was listed as a dealer in fire insurance.] Etta was living in Winslow, Arizona with their son, Bernard Leo Hicks and his family.

Etta Elizabeth Bracket Hicks died 11 January 1936 in Winslow, Arizona.

Perry Green Hicks 2nd died in 1956 in Detroit, Michigan.


Born 6 February 1901

Married five times:

1. Gertrude
2. Helen Luttrell [1st time]
3. Emma McVey
4. Helen Luttrell [2nd time]
5. Clara

By Emma McVey, he had a child, Dinah Lee Hicks, about whom more later.

By Helen Luttrell he had a child, Jo  [JoAnne? Josephine?]

Jo married a David Luttrell and had three children:
1. Mike
2. David
3. Rene

Perry Vernon Hicks died in December, 1984, in Clovis, New Mexico.


Married  [1] Thom Mathew Montgomery, 4 February 1961, in Las Vegas, New Mexico. One daughter, Laura Diane Montgomery, born 28 February 1962, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Married [2] Jon Christian Brown. One son, Mark Alan Brown, born 8 January 1967. Married [3] Marvin Gwinn. No children.




The Benson family came originally from Norway. We have only traced them through three generations on the Benson side, and an additional generation on the Brabbit side, into which the Bensons married.

This lineage enters the Hicks family through the marriage of Perry Vernon Hicks with Emma [Benson] McVey, daughter of Emma Benson and unknown McVey.


John H. Benson was born about 1867 in Stavingen, Norway. He is said to have arrived in the United States about 1890, He met Marie [Mary] Brabbit shortly after arrival, though on the census record he claimed he was 22 when they married [1889] and she was age 21. Marie had been born in Bratislava, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, the daughter of John and Anna Brabbit, who were also immigrants to this country. The couple are said to have met in Chicago, Illinois, but they soon moved to Des Moines, Iowa.

The families were living in Des Moines City in 1910, Bloomfield Township, Polk County, Iowa in 1920, and back in Des Moines by 1930.

John and Marie had five children
1. Mabel – born about 1896
2. Mary – born about 1899
3. Emma – born 14 February 1900
4. Agnes -  born about 1902
5. John – born about 1906

John was a chef at the Savory Hotel in Des Moines.

The Brabbits also lived in Iowa – Webster, Humboldt County, Iowa, by the 1920s.


 This is obviously just a start on a long and interesting family. The connection to Magness alone forms a long chapter yet to be told.

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